The homes support young people with a range of emotional, social and educational needs.

Acorn has developed innovative assessments and practices to meet the needs of young people placed in residential care. These include toolkits and six-monthly assessments with risk assessments and action plans.

In addition, Acorn works in conjunction with Kent University and TEXSOS, researching the development of safeguarding devices and systems.  To meet such challenging, varied and complex needs, every young person placed within Acorn receives, as standard, high levels of professional services and support.


The Lighthouse School is a small independent School, created to provide an inclusive and therapeutic learning environment for young people, aged 11-18. We cater for young people unable to access mainstream education and where the primary need is support for SEBD.

We aim to bridge the gap for young people who have experienced disrupted education leading to disengagement, challenging behaviours and/or exclusion from a mainstream environment. We do this by offering a personalised learning programme for our learners to meet their individual needs.