Acorn actively safeguards young people through robust assessments, interventions and training.
This system of early alerts, and tracking of indicators, proves invaluable in identifying and engaging with intervention programmes.  This is a unique system to Acorn homes and has been effective in the protection of children.

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Safeguarding & Sexual Exploitation Policy
Radicalisation Policy
Countering Bullying Policy
Recognising Abuse including FGM Policy


When a young person goes missing, we continue to search for them, until they are found, regardless of how long it may take, or the distance we must travel. The staff resources and training to undertake this continual search is another key feature of our service.

Swiftly locating and safely returning young people that have been missing, prevents them from becoming entrenched in vulnerability exploitation, challenging the push pull factors.

We work in partnership, share training and sponsor Kent Search and Rescue which assists us in locating and recovering our young people 80% of the time before the police. Our approach has led to praise from several constabularies for the amount of resources we commit, leading to our high success rate in finding missing young people, reducing the strain on Police services and working in partnership.

A great example of the effectiveness of our approach can be noted in the below conversations amongst peers:

W – “No point going missing, they will find you”
M – “If you go missing they ‘mess’ with everyone you know till they find you”

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