“Sports can provide excellent educational opportunities for social development because many of the social and moral requirements for participation in sports are parallels to how individuals must function in a law-abiding society.
There is common agreement that sports programs for children and youth can enhance motoric, physical and social growth.”

Seefeldt, Vern D.; Ewing, Martha E.(1997)

Research indicates that sports participation can promote healthy mental and physical development.

Sports participation:

  • Builds an appreciation of personal health and fitness
  • Develops a positive self-image and self esteem
  • Teaches how to work as part of a team
  • Develops social skills with other children and adults (such as taking turns and sharing playing time)
  • Teaches how to manage both success and disappointment; and,
  • Teaches how to respect others

We implement this through various approaches such as outward bound activity based breaks, charitable sport event participation, and Duke of Edinburgh Awards.