Family Owned specialist Residential Care with Integrated Education & Therapy

Acorn Group was founded by Mathew Bennett (patron of the NSPCC) and specialises in working with young people with emotional and learning difficulties. Our provision is innovative in its approaches to working with young people in care, through supporting research with Kent University, and the development of specialist toolkits and assessments, accommodating all looked after children’s needs.

Our Philosophy of Care

Through providing multidisciplinary and specialist services, we continually meet the outcomes and expectations for young people to achieve, mature and gain an education. Acorn Group has always believed that a simple ‘four walls and staff group’ itself is not enough to meet the complex changing needs of looked after children.

Acorn Group’s philosophical approach, therefore, is based on the concept that we believe in children and young people and their need for engagement and positive re-enforcement, to build effective relationships and resilience. Some young people require specialist services whilst in care, our Health and Wellbeing team, (with over 30 years’ of Child and Adolescent Mental Health experience), is here to ensure they are provided with this as standard.